Planning Trip for Summer 2016

After watching “The Way”, I and Sabine have finally decided (again) our upcoming tour in summer 2016 — a hiking journey along the famous Camino de Santiago. We got so excited even when talking about it. The beautiful landscape, amazing towns, and the people that we would meet by accident.

The longing for the far-away has always been inside of me. Since the settling-up in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, I have stopped traveling, also because of much work and deep engagement in my study. The road, in a foreign country, the people on the way, interesting stories… everything about the experience… I have lived, and I still want to live like that. Now without the emotional turbulence connecting to romance, I always want to reenter that again. Live for myself but not the others, which was and I hope still is my motto.

Northern Spain, would be a good way to restart my life. A life that belongs to myself, only.

My camera has been lying in the lowest drawer for so long, that the battery may not work well anymore. But it will regain its life again, when I’m on the way.