The secret to surviving the new market place that you might have overlooked

“The customer is always right.” Well, that time has passed.

What was true before as the golden role of customer service now seems to be over simplified and one-dimensional.

Today’s relationship between a product/service provider and the customer has changed very much from a few years ago.

The product and service itself is still important. Yet there are something else rises up to the center of the customer’s attention — customer experience.

The multi-dimensional experience.

From the moment of encounter to getting-to-know phase, from buying process to user experience and customer support, the complete experience of a customer decides whether the product and service is successful or not.

We’ve entered a new era of B2C business. Anyone who ignore the customer experience will be eliminated from the transforming market place.

Remember, the complete experience matters equally.


The secret to success – what “Better Call Saul” teaches solopreneurs

I’ve been watching “Better Call Saul”. Currently at the beginning of season 3.

Jimmy Mcgill is the odd piece that doesn’t fit anywhere in a law firm.

Doing bits to rip people off in bars and the streets for many years, he entered law with an already established value system – he doesn’t play by the rules. When he’s “being himself”, people who are traditional lawyers who hold things seriously and the law sacred dislike, even despise him. Considering he’s capable to be a good lawyer, this value system makes him perfect for flying solo – starting with entrepreneurship. 

But what he has that is considered “useless” among the serious lawyers – showmanship – is what makes him successful as a solo practitioner of the law. 

When someone is good with people, she understands what other people feel. She knows what they want and what they desire. She knows what they need.

That’s why she can say the right thing to get other people’s attention and trust.

She will get their business.

But don’t ever forget, if the ability to empathize and “showmanship” is all she’s got, it’s not enough.

Saying the right thing and doing a good show can only get her this far.

Only when she’s able to DO the right thing and DO it well and KEEP DOING it, can she keep these people’s business. 

Jimmy Mcgill has the work done. And he got it done well. 

Again and again. 

That’s why the elderly love him. If it’s not Jim’s own change of business direction, I don’t think his clients going anywhere.

(Well, I will keep watching. Of course, his business clientele changed… as we all know…

Don’t tell me what happens next…)

I’m learning so much from Jimmy’s experience so far.

Empathy, showmanship, real ability to do good work, AND good customer service are equally important for entrepreneurship — especially for solopreneurs.