132 lives. Gone.

A plane with 132 lives on it fell from the sky.

The families and friends who sent these people off on that plane, the families and friends who were waiting for these people at that airport… will never see these people again.

We only have now. That’s the truth.


A bird and a dandelion

“Let the wind take me wherever”.

It is a kind of life philosophy. Free-spirited. Chilled. No root. Flexible. “Go with the flow”.

The only commitment you will take is “No commitment, thanks”.

But there are still two types of people who own this motto.

A bird. Or a dandelion.

They can both fly with the wind. But the difference is vast:

A dandelion has to fly. But she doesn’t get to decide where she’s going, or where she’s landing. The wind decides her fate. She can’t stop, can’t choose to change the route.

She needs to get away from where she was to survive, to have a chance of growing into something herself. The wind is her only chance. So she lets the wind take her, knowing the risk ahead that she might not land at an ideal place to grow.

A bird also uses the wind. Yet she doesn’t depend on it completely.

The wind helps her fly higher, faster, better.

She’s her own captain; she can fly against the wind if she must.

But she can stop when she’s tired.

So before jumping into the wind and let it take you “wherever”, think about whether you are a bird or a dandelion.

You are a bucket of water from the sea

“Babies are all born as a blank paper.”

Well, we’ve got proof now that it’s wrong.

How are person is since birth, and how she/he is becoming after that, is a combined effect from both nature and nurture.

Does it mean that we are born “as papers already have something written on them?”

I don’t resonate with this metaphor. I think how we are is more dynamic and multidimensional than drawings on paper.

Like… a glass of water. Or a bucket, a cup, or a bathtub of water… Pick your own container.

In her book Untamed, Glennon Doyle said to her daughter that we are buckets of water who came from the sea. We were one. You were in me and I was in you. We are going to be one again someday.

I can’t remember how exactly she said it. But that metaphor stuck in my head.

“But, what’s the point?” I hear me asking myself.

“What’s the point of being in a bucket just to be later poured back into where I came from?”

We are not born with a purpose. We are born with the things we are naturally capable of.

Just like water. We are similar in many ways — even the same in most ways. But there are many, many ways can water be used. 

There are many, many different paths for water to find its way back to the ocean, where it came from.

The purpose is not to go back to where it came from.

The purpose is the journey, the circulation, the individual path to get to the start and endpoint.

For most of us on this earth, we are not born to be who we are. In which family we are born, on our physical features are, in which area or community we are born into… none of these things say who WE are. 

Because from that moment on, all we do is “becoming”.

Becoming who we are — something we can say, not as a static but a changing definition, that only holds true at the point of our lives when we are looking back.

And especially, at the moment when we get to go back to where it all started.

Like water, with every step forward, it becomes a little different than before. It’s always “becoming”.

Water can be anywhere. Even the desert has a certain amount of water somewhere in its air or way deep down its ground.

Where do you wanna be? Where do you wanna go?

What path would you choose?

Standing where you are, how do you want to define yourself at this moment?

And what do you want your inner water to be “becoming”?

Take a moment to look around.

Where is your water right now?

Which path is it on?

Don’t settle for less than true love

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my career is about myself.

About what kind of a person I am.

About what I’m able to and what I refuse to become.

I must work on something I can stand behind.

I need the trust. I want to believe in something before I can work on it.

I don’t want to have a job that’s separated from my life.

I can’t do “a job” between 9 to 5, and then “come back” to my life after that, and hope there’s a balance to be found and kept between the two.

I want to do a job that I love enough to make it a part of my life.

I don’t want to count minutes at my job, so that “I can finally go home and do something that makes me happy.”

I want to actually enjoy what I do at my job, while not minding when and where I am doing it.

Having a job is like having a relationship.

I don’t want to have one just because I should have one. Otherwise “I’d be lonely, weird, and probably be dying from depression.”

I want to have one because of love.

I know. I know.

“Don’t do what you love. Instead, love what you do.”

But it’s like saying “don’t be with someone you love. Instead, love the one you can get your hands on.”

It’s just immoral.

You might say, “marriage is the way to kill the love between you.”

What a cynic?!

True love is never only rosy and sweet, romantic and exciting.

True love is complicated.

True love demands hard work and great patience.

True love is meant to have ups and downs.

True love is a belief. It tests you and also grants you the strength to keep going.

Because true love is much more rewarding than anything that is not it.

I’m not going to settle for anything less than true love, for anything else is waste of time.

And the thing that is worth caring about is time.

The only currency that matters to me.

Let me make it clear: true love is not “the one”.

If there’s no “the one”, there’s more than one possibility to have one love that is true.

I will have many opportunities to build and use my skillsets.

I will have the motivation to do many things.

I’m just waiting for the chemistry to be right.

I’m still searching for some work that I love.

I will find one.

And if you are like me, you can find one too.

Just don’t settle for less.