One key thing to know for a happy parent

When I thought becoming a mother was all about me. How wrong was I?
When I was doing the night feeding 4 times before 8 am this morning, I thought: I used to think all of this is about “I having her”. But the truth is, it’s about “she having me”.
Happy parents are the ones who know it’s not always about themselves.


Being there, invisible

Being there. The thing that mothers do.

Last night, my baby daughter was crying, because she didn’t want to go to sleep while being extremely tired.

I was there, standing while holding her. I let her look at the kitchen lights the way she likes.

Watching lights always calms her down.

I rocked my body gently left and right, up and down.

I stood there for I don’t know how long.

Then I thought about my own mother.

She must just have been there for me when I needed her. Just like I’m here for my baby, when she needs me.

Through thick and thin. Awake and asleep. All the time. Non-stop.

Maybe that’s why, motherhood can seem to be unspectacular at times.

Because it is essential, sometimes it’s so invisible.