First Step: Get it done!

Hi! I’m Crystal Heart! Or not…
Homeland: China.
Staying place: Not China.
Knowing a bit English, and want to do something different but not useless. You make your dream come true in your world, I showing my world to you is part of my world.

Recently it came to my mind that Media is an essential way to spread ideas and thoughts, and of course information. Bias always exists among cultures and nations. In this case, spreading of information, like news, is inevitably biased too.
That is why I want to start this blog, in the evening of the lunar New Year’s pre-eve. I intend to show the people outside of my mother country something that 1) inside public media never bother giving an English version, 2) outside media never bother thinking it’s actually important to show their audience a whole picture of this “Hulk”, this green, huge, ugly giant that claims himself to be the good… well, some Hulk fans might scold me because of that. Well again, some love Hulk, some like China 🙂


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