Focus: Project “ME”

These days I started watching my all-time childhood-favorite tv series “Lizzie McQuire” again. I was surprised how much Lizzie and Miranda care about how the other kids looking at them. They call it “social status.” If the others like them, they are popular kids; if not, they are doomed to be the “joke.” But to Gordo, it doesn’t matter how the others think of him. It is obvious that the producer wants to portray the previous as the symbol of “immaturity”, the latter as the opposite. We are always told not to care about how the others think of us. But as to a social animal, how is that even possible?

Popular kids like to be popular, normal kids want to be popular–they hate them and love them at the same time. But there are also other kids, like Gordo, who cannot care less about making as more friends as possible, nor making others like them. Instead, they focus on themselves. They care about what is worthy to care about. That means– less pressure, more pleasure.

Who do you want to be?

Maybe real popular people do not try so hard to be popular. They just be themselves and that is already good enough to attract admiration. Money and fame come as side effects. Remember that. Care less about how the other people think about yourself. This can make life really easier. More efficient, since you focus on what is important; but also easier, since you don’t have to care about random people who give you a bad rating at how you moved your hands while talking.

Therefore, a call for a years-long project called “ME” is in order.

Calls for focusing: 1. Focusing on my own studies and works. Ignore the distractions, eg. The opinion of the others, other useless but annoying noises. Remember: good friends, one or two are already enough. Someone you can have a beer with when you really need, someone you can share your mind with. To others, be nice and friendly. Be really creditable and trustworthy. You don’t have to offer your life to them, but they will be willing to help when you need them.

2. Focusing on my health–mentally and physically. Do sports. It’s good for both. Sweating is one of the most efficient way to make oneself happier. Good mood gives you a beautiful smile. If you smile, both you and someone who watches you feel better about the world. So why not? 🙂

3. Focusing on the people who worth your love. Nothing works better than that to make life valuable. Life is so short. It shouldn’t be wasted on someone who does not deserve what you offer. Love your family, love your soulmate(s). Be selfless in front of them. Don’t keep score when it comes to love. You have to know that, at the very end of your life, they are the people who will be there and cry for your departure, but being grateful that you have ever lived in their lives.

4. Focusing on the beauties. Wait, not the pretty chicks… The nature – – the woods, the river, the sea… Go there, listen to the words of nature. Love animals. Pet dogs and cats. Enjoy the simplified version of being intimate with someone. And be simply happy. The beers, apple juice, cakes, chocolate, tea, gourmet food… Life is wonderful because of the flavor you have in your mouth and the feeling in your stomach…stop stuffing yourself with junk food and poisons which you don’t know what they are (just taste not bad). A wonderful day can starts with a cup of decent coffee, a lovely red apple, and two cute eggs.

Herewith I call for full-scale supervision of the execution of Project “ME,” from all my beloved friends and families. Misconducts of project execution shall be firstly warned with vocal condemnation; if the vocal warning fails, a punishment of “Sankalusica” is in order. Vocal condemnation and “Sankalusica” can be executed when the responsible party of the project fail to execute any one or more of the listed clauses. The highest punishment (the “Degumisla”) will be executed, only if, when necessary, the executor of the project fail to perform any three of the four clauses, and already be warned/punished by the previous two methods with an unsuccessful outcome.

“ME” is important. Don’t you think?

Be simply happy. Please. It’s your life and it’s all for your own sake.


Sankalusica: a pillow heats in the face, three times.

Degumisla: 6*0.5l white wine scholar, which is compulsory to be executed within 30 min.


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