Begin Again -再次出发,纽约遇见你

The hardest part of ending is starting again.

–Linkin Park “Waiting for the End”

What shall we do when the road ahead is a dead end? Or at least it seems to be?

People are told to believe in fate by the end of the movie. Two people, Dan and Gretta, both were standing at the crossroad of their lives: losing a job and losing a five-year relationship. By chance, they met each other at their lowest points. Gretta’s music talent gave Dan hope; Dan’s insist on making an album for Gretta brought her distraction from the pain caused by her ex-boyfriend. In the end, the album received appreciation from the producing company, and the positive and loving energy Gretta has brought to Dan’s life also led him back to a happy family. The ex-boyfriend realised that there would be nobody who’s like Gretta in his life, and changed his mind, wanting her back, while Gretta left when he was still singing the song for her — she chose to leave, for love is no more, and being thankful is not enough for prolong the meaningless.

It is a simple story shining with love and faith. It tries to tell you that there will always be changes in life. At the moment when you encounter them, clouds turn dark, heavy rain falls. But sooner than you know, hope is just around the corner, waiting for you to pass by.

Begin Again – trailer




这部电影是一部清新之作。Keira Knightley的声音清澈无雕饰,Mark Ruffalo的颓废和艺术气息总是让我喜欢。很有趣的碰撞,有不一样的火花。纽约是一个很不错的背景城市。各处的风景,不同的人群。走过的,唱过的,笑过的,哭过的,醉过的,都是一个个跌倒了却又努力站起来的孩子。在人生的路上,相遇,相知,相拥,然后告别,重新开始。



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