Keep Your Eyes on Where Your Ball Should Go

Keep your eyes on where your ball should go. A classic metaphor teaching us to focus on the intended destination. But if the destination is too far away, it may only leave us pain and frustration.


When the journey is very long, longer than you know how. You might lose patience, you might lose faith. What can possibly keep you going?

It will be easier, if you just enjoy being on the road. Close your eyes, feel the wind blowing in from the outside. Be silent, with the noisiness of the strange world. Because that’s how you make friends with it.


People nowadays always say: don’t just exist. Start living!

Sometimes it is hard to feel alive. Living means experiencing the world around you. If we keep using the metaphor of life as a road trip, living is what you are experiencing now — it’s the wind, the sound, the company next to you, the beautiful or sometimes awful view outside.

Living is not the destination.

Living is nothing else but now.

That’s saying, the ball metaphor is better used for redirecting one’s emotion. Someone believes his life is miserable is not able to feel the happiness around him, not to mention starting to do something to make his life a little better. This is why I’ve always been afraid of growing cynical. (Unavoidably I did, a little bit.) Cynicism comes from negative experience and focusing only on the negativity and losing hope.

If you want the ball to land in the basket, looks at the basket, and throw the ball.

It might land in the basket. It might also not.

If it does, pick up the basket; if it doesn’t leave them there — it’s just a basket, and a ball.

Anyway, get back to your car, and keep driving.



30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 6


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