You need to stop failing

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Your small, frequent failures are annoying. And they are similar to each other.

Well, you know that.

Why does your failure always come back?

The frustrating sense of you not meeting your own expectation.

The reasons are always the same: you can’t get up early in the morning every day, you don’t go to the gym regularly… you can’t get your butt on a chair and just write something — anything — every day.

Well, the last one was my annoying failure.

It was bad enough if it’s just a cameo. But it turns out to be a regular in a show called “oh my disappointing life”.

This failure — sounds dramatic but it is — has many consequences:

I’d always need to start from the beginning. 

All I’ve learned will be forgotten. 

I will have to learn them again — like photoshop and video editing programs

I never see any real progress, any resonance — like with writing online.

Even with reading, I make the same mistakes again and again. I pick up a book, read some pages, and then forget about it. The next time when I want to read it again, I will need to start from the beginning, since I have already forgotten everything I’ve read in the first few pages.

It’s the same as doing sport.

I start. I go running for two weeks. Each day I run a bit better: for the same distance I feel comfortable day by day. Then it rains for three days. And then I stop running for like three months. 

When I start running again after three months, I am back from where I started at the very beginning.

Wow. This “no consistency” thing appears to be the explanation for many failures in my life.

I’m doing the “no consistency” thing pretty consistently.


Maybe calling them “failures” is a bit harsh for some people. But no consistency in anything did cause me many possible, better results in life.

Perhaps a real writing career.

Perhaps a healthier body.

Perhaps a good career as a videographer.

Maybe the ability to speak better Spanish. (After 5 years of gap, I’m confident that I’ve forgotten almost everything I’ve learned…)

This post. This terribly written, everything-is-messy piece, is my today’s little step continuing the consistency I’m carefully re-building.

It’s shitty. Yes. But I’m doing it anyway and I’m posting it. 

I’m following a non-zero progress principle in my life. 

The current non-zero progress principle applies to writing. All the other things can wait.


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