Stationary lovers don’t write much (usually)

When I was in high school, I noticed that the girls who are obsessed with stationaries, like colorful pens and stickers, notebooks, and washi tapes, are usually not the ones with good grades.

I know I am generalizing here. But that was my observation.

Now in my work, I keep noticing a similar phenomenon. The majority of the people with the fanciest equipment, gadgets, software, and setup, produce the least content. They seldom get so far as to ship their work.

If they do, their work is not of good quality.

Most people I know with great talent and who produce amazing work constantly are those with the simplest setups. They might take their good content to another level by deploying professional devices. But they produce their gold-quality content first, in the simplistic way that they are used to.

We only have a certain amount of energy to focus on something. What we need to do is to ignore the shiny objects like fancy gadgets and new software, and only focus on all the energy on producing every bit of our content.

Those shiny objects do make your work better.

But you need something good, to begin with, in order to make it even better.


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