Plan for 2022: Going away to the sea

To travel or not to travel, that’s a question in this global pandemic. It’s been two years after all.

This pandemic has shown us, there are two groups of travel-lovers.

One group get locked up in the place where they live. If the country doesn’t recommend people moving around, they don’t do it. And they suffer constantly because they don’t want to get sick, and they don’t want others to get sick because of them.

The other group are more “flexible”. They still travel, as long as it’s not forbidden. In Western countries, nobody can be really forbidden to go to places for too long. They have the right to travel. So they do. They behave responsibly when they travel and they think that’s good enough for them.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for everybody.

Or everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.

I’ve been feeling locked up for a very long time. I used to travel every year to another continent, and to other parts of Europe. I told myself I want to see the sea at least once a year.

The last time I saw the sea was in 2019.

Apparently I belong to the first group of travellers.

From early 2020 till now, I traveled to Italy once by car. And that’s it.

The worst for me was not just not able to travel, but to watch other people travel around the world all the time as if there’s nothing happening around them.

I couldn’t help but ask myself sometimes, whether I’ve been doing it wrong, whether I have paused the things in life that I love so much that was in fact not even necessary? There’s a global pandemic going on but life is still going on too. Am I wrong for choosing to be a responsible global citizen, to just stay wherever I am and try not to contribute to the spread of this virus?

Is there a way in the middle?

Is there a way to be travelling but still be responsible like I wish to be?

I want to get away from here, be on the road again. Soon.

With vaccinations and testing possibilities everywhere, I’m feeling more and more assured that I could also have a get-away again. Maybe just to take a ride in the car, to the South, to the sea.

That’s my other plan for 2022. To see the sea again.


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