If you realise you are a fraud

You are not who you think you are, or who you say you are.

Who you are is shown through your actions. The actions that followed your every decision.

You say you are a swimmer. You talk about how good you are. 

You tell people the technics, tips and tricks on how to swim better and faster.

You might believe you can swim as a pro. You believe it because you feel it in your heart. “It’s easy,” you thought, “just do this and that.”

That’s why you don’t think you are fooling anyone when you tell people that “I am a good swimmer.”

But you are not a swimmer unless you jump in that water, and well, swim.

And you’d better swim as well as you say you could.

If you can’t swim like a pro, you can still call yourself a swimmer by simply stop telling people how to do it but start practicing it yourself as much as you can.

Do it so you can call yourself a doer.

If you just talk and take no action because you can’t or you are afraid, you know what that makes you.

A fraud.

So shut up and do it yourself. 

Be who you say you are.


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