You know you can’t stop now

You know you can’t stop now.

You’ve made it this far.

Starting was difficult. But you’ve done it. And now here you are.

You know you can’t stop now.

You’ve given up many times. You’ve given yourself enough chances to start over.

You know even if you don’t make it to the end this time, you can still start over.

But truly, you are tired of “starting again”.

You are tired of being stuck at the starting point, and never finishing it.

You are tired of being a “beginner”.

You know you can’t stop now, no matter how frustrating it is.

“A good start is half-way to success”. Now you know think it might be a lie.

The excitement wears off. Motivation becomes only words on a poster. Adrenaline decreases to a healthy level. That’s how everything goes.

But when it gets less exciting, you get bored; when you are bored, it’s difficult to move forward.

“Where do new ideas come from?” “I don’t see any progress.” “I feel drained.” “I’m not sure if I can go on.”

The first 100 days is hard. The next 100 days might still be.

The beginner’s level is fun. But you have not yet started if you didn’t get passed the first hard phase.

If anything is “half-way to success”, “pulling through the first hard phase, until you do your practice and ship your work every day with ease” is it.

You know you can’t stop now.

“At the critical moment, holding on and not giving up, so that desperation can become hope.”

“How do you know when you are standing at the critical moment?”

“Every time you want to give up is a critical moment.”

Now it is one. You ARE hanging on the edge of giving up. You are at a critical moment.

Now you can’t give up.

You know you can’t stop now.

You’ve made this far.


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