The magic, imitation, and creativity

what have you thought was “like magic” and then found out there’s no magic involved, but just knowledge, work, and intuition?

For me, cooking is one of them. Taking care of a baby is another one.

“After doing it myself, I realised there’s nothing magical about it at all. It’s amazing how these seemingly banal things can create something so beautiful together.” That was what I thought when I cook a dish from a cook box.

The cook box demystified cooking for me. It gave me confidence to cook stuff by myself.

I guess it’s easy to imitate, but creativity comes way, way after that.

Creativity would mean work, work, and work by yourself.

You have to know every ingredient as a cook. Like you know every key on a keyboard to be a pianist.

You can play a classic music piece, but composing by yourself is another story.

You can do it according to the recipe. Only knowledge and experience gives you the skill and sense to twist the recipe and makes it your own.

Magic is made that way.


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