Do you ever get bored sitting comfortably on the beach all day?

I’m seriously asking.

In my experience, my smallest breakthroughs in life all happened when I was in a rather uncomfortable state in life. Sometimes it feels like I have to choose between “being happy (comfortable)” and “being creatively fulfilled (challenged and actually trying)”.

If I say that my dream is to sit on the beach not worrying about anything all day, because that’d be the most comfortable for me. What should I do if I get bored? IF I get bored?

Maybe I will get bored then. Should I then leave my comfort and go somewhere else?

If I feel bored doing that, doesn’t it mean that i’m so ungrateful that I’m just spoiled by good fate?

Or it’s a sign I should get up and do something to get rid of that boredom asap?

This time I’m really asking.


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