Do you dare to live art?

Live your life as life is art. It’s not everyone’s game. This is how:

  • Refuses to be defined.
    She doesn’t look for “her voice”. She doesn’t think about “her voice” as complicated as most of us do. For her, of course she sings with her voice. What she does is to explore different sides of her voice. This exploring – the finding – process is fun, is more important.
  • Heart over head
    She likes to say: “If there’s any voice in your head you need to get it out. Because anything you do should come out of your heart, not your head.” She doesn’t overthink. She’s trying to be present. Shut up her mind. She does it because it feels right.
  • Happiness and career.
    She’s happy, which is her point of being alive; and a successful career will follow a person who’s simply doing something that makes her happy.
  • She stays true to what her gut tell her to do by performing for the one person who’d like her work.
    She knows that she’s good enough for at least one person in the audience. That’s not just confidence. That’s belief in human connection. For at least one person, we give all we have in this period of time, give effort in the work – this is true artistic generosity.

A person who’s true to and ok with her art is a true artist.

Living, singing, learning, changing, trying new things, sharing, being happy. Not overthinking, not branding herself, not limiting by defining herself, not being anxious about whether she’s good enough or about whether most people will like her or not…

Do you dare to live art?


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