Never-Stopped Change in Life, Evil?

Life sucks? Sure, sometimes it does. Or for some people, most of the times. I don’t know if it is true that there are these places, where being poor is not a fatal threat. What I do know is, lack of money is ruthless bitch, in every society I lived/am living in. Self-instability and financial dependence on parents, who are also in the same crisis, is shameful.
Earn a livelihood? Never thought this would hit me so hard like it did today.
Why do people has to live in this way? Why can’t they just be like birds? why do they have to love, have to cry? it’s already spring, but it is still so cold? What happened to the regular four seasons? No snow in winter, no warmth in spring.

天鹅,虽然美丽,但却冷漠,愚蠢,甚至暴力。他们聚集在一起,却仍独自等待食物被抛到她们嘴中。几只鸭子夹在天鹅群里,跟他们争抢食物。天鹅们互相用嘴钳着对方,驱赶着对方。灰鸽子在争抢撒在岸上的面包屑。海鸥也加入了。what does it cost to make them behave so stupid like this? it is the ultimate aim of survival. maybe being stupid or not matter to them at all. only one thing matters and one thing only.bei der Alster 1

Game on. No backsies.

The biggest challenge is always the greatest fear.

I always tell myself I enjoy being on the road. Showing bravery to the others is no doubt a way to calm myself. When fear overwhelms, to escape is the only thing that pops into one’s head. It is a time when people crawl back into their comfort zone. Well, most of them. But some would not. Giving up is easy, keeping faith is hard. Uncertainty of not acquiring something you really want is terrifying, but you should better remember “a dream realised is no longer a dream. Happiness possessed is no longer happiness pursued.”

bei der Alster 2







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