For a WG, for a Living

heidelberg 3

Finding a room in a university city is unbelievably difficult. Walking through Heidelberg, I visited several places, talked to people, wishing them that they could take me as a roommate. Sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s true. Closer to October, harder the situation gets, more desperate I get.

I believe there are rare city in Germany that has enough student dormitories. In Hong Kong, it is almost the same. But HK is a city, with over 7million people living there; while a student city like Heidelberg in Germany has normally 150 thousand people. Cities are supposed to be able to build more student dormitories in order to release students from the pressure of finding room to live before, sometimes even during semester.

heidelberg 2
The reason for universities in Germany cannot (or do not want to) pay more in building up residence is probably that they do not charge for much tuition fees, as Hong Kong universities do. But they must have some finical sources for establishing good environment, which also includes student accommodation possibilities.

Heidelberg 1

On the other hand, searching for a WG (shared apartment) in German university cities is painful, but also rewarding. I constantly remind myself: never give up, and smile.


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