Buzz Recorded Tonight-20140809

Key word: Reunion

Today’s moon is very big. Everybody says there will be a “super moon” during this weekend. Maybe this is it.

I could see the moon, thanks to my own insistence to go out for a walk after dinner. It has been my habit, which I learnt from my parents. Of course, only when I had a dinner at the right time.

Some people coming back to your life, with the familiar smile, familiar acts, familiar jokes. This familiarity secretly meddles something in your brain, causing nice responses to make you believe that, this is right.

But is it right? Is it the right thing, for you? Not necessarily. There is seldom a thing in this world can be called “the right” for you.

Every relationship needs to be appropriated — this is the only thing that everyone needs. Personal relation is indeed complicated. Albeit it is extremely simple. Appropriation is all we need.

Some people are willing to make compromise for binding with another person; some are not so much. Give and take. Both sides do the amount of things that make themselves happy — then you have a healthy relationship.

This is “union.”


Talking about “reunion,” thing can get a bit more tricky.


Depending on separation time span, changes take place in life. When changes possess people’s lives, a new round of appropriation will be in need. This time, it won’t be as easy as the first time. That is all because of the inevitable comparison/contrast to how it was before.


Time, energy. Companionship maintaining is so delicate just as business managing. Emotional needs, physical needs are just another two crucial elements of the whole construction. Remember: it’s all about compromise, adaptation, negotiation and appropriation — in the ideal case — in dynamics.


That’s how reunion can work.


Now, it comes in application.


Good night.



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