How I Redirect My Attention from Negative to Positive

It is very hard to stay in a positive routine everyday while you encounter disappointment also on a daily basis.

Life, sometimes like a bitch, just wants to drag you down for no benefit for herself.


And, of course, while writing here, I got distracted by something else that I always wanted to search online. I was away from this editing page for 15 minutes. Yes, feeling distracted can be very frustrating. Like all the other things that are frustrating my daily life.

Not wishing to bump you up (since you are reading till now) by my dissatisfying life phase, I just want to record how I’m feeling everyday. So when the day come — when I finally get to express the goodness of things which I do HAVE in my life, I can look back, and realize how this journey was, how much obstacles there were, and how proud I should be of myself, for overcoming them and pulling it all through.

I should remind myself on one point more often: everything I’m experiencing right now is becoming part of who I am. By the time I arrive at the end of the road, this moment, “the past” of the future me, will have become the composition of the whole definition of “me”. I wish I will be able to feel happy and fulfilled. I might not conquer the world, but I just want to make something in my life which I can call meaningful.

Meaningful for myself, for the people I love, and even better, for the people I don’t know. Meaningfulness can be often defined out of subjectivity. The meaningfulness I would like to have, can be from any of these parties’ perspective. I’m not intentionally try to play noble or anything by saying this, but I will be happy if any other people say that I did meaningful things in my life.

Selfish achievement is motivated by human greediness. There will never be enough. Forever lacking the true satisfaction from achievement is the curse of a lonely, “successful” life. (Why am I giving my opinion on this? I’ve never been “successful”… )


So the cheesy saying is right afterall: love is the cure.

Self love is the ground rule for loving somebody else. Loving others keeps the self love healthy, for it prevent us falling into the selfish pit.


30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 4


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