Easy Novelty

We are limited by words.

We are limited by the world in front of us. We see, but we only see what’s before our eyes and not everything beyond that.

All we need to do is to shift our perspective. And that is the most difficult thing.

Where does novelty come from?

It doesn’t lie in the new things that we haven’t experienced.

It hides in the things we are used to. And the comfort we are stuck in.

The way to break through is to narrate the story from another person’s view. A view that we might not be happy with, that from the core, disrupts us.


Stop hiding in something that only suits your needs. Start seeing.

Looking for the new in the old things.

Give something meaningful to you to another person. And ask them to make meanings out of it.

In this way, you see new things taking shape. And that’s the novelty you will be surprised to see.


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