Inspiration Vault: Clouds

Some days, even when the sky is clear blue, you just feel down.


You look around: everything is beautiful and fine. But you still don’t feel as positive as you usually do.

And you ask yourself: why is that? Why I’m not feeling good?

The truth is, what we are taught for all our lives — we should look for happiness, a state of being that is constantly filled with happy thoughts and positivity, is unrealistic.

Because this is just not how life is.

Life is filled with ups and downs. If you feel down once a while, it’s not just ok. It’s necessary.

Like the cloudy days. It’s a nice alternative to the sunny ones. And the sunny days are alternative to the rainy, and snowy days.

Inspiration comes with changes.

Being still can be fun if you are a painter.

Changes, especially inexplicable and unwanted ones, are the reason to look deeper at our minds and thoughts, to engage with the discomfort that comes with them, and to search for a more enduring concept of peace and happiness.


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