The 4th day — Recovery

It’s the 4th day of the year 2022. I already need to catch up.

Originally I had 1 day buffer on my daily writing. On NYE I used it. Now I’m always feeling behind.

I don’t feel like giving up. And I’m not going to cut myself some slack.

Not only that, but I’m also catching up again to one or two days ahead.

I need some days in the bank in case a NYE situation occurs again.

Today is all about recovery. Recovery of my body after the hard work of carrying the baby and delivering her. And even now, it’s still restlessly nursing her every day.

While I’m immersing myself in the love and happiness, I almost forgot to love my own body for its mine and it has been working so hard.

Its recovery needs time. It needs a lot of awareness and kindness.

I won’t hurry it in order to fit it into my old clothes.

I won’t rush it into doing sport or any intense workouts.

I’m not ashamed of it. Instead, I feel comfortable in my body now even more than before.

I’m nourishing my body as it nourishing my child.

I’m giving it love so it can transfer the love to the little baby.

Only kindness gives the time and space that the post-pregnancy body needs to recover.

Only after recovering can the body to be stronger and healthy again.

So I’m loving it, gently loving this carrier of bravery.


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