The bottom line

What’s my bottom line for 2022?

I hope it’s not too pessimistic to talk about my “bottom line” — the lowest hope for this year on the 5th day of January.

2021 was a good year. It started very low, but then it picked up.

I have a lot planned for this new year. After all that happened in my life and the world around me, I’m grateful and content, and wishing to experience this life and this world in some other ways.

That’s what my plans is about.

But what if it gets chaotic again and something comes up that disrupts these plans?

I need a bottom line.

And I’ve got one.

I just don’t want to relive my life in 2020 again.

I spent the whole year in one city, working on my job from home, therefore trapped in an apartment.

I spoke to three people — three same people — every day.

I went on walks along the same route, every day.

It was nice at first. No distraction. I found peace in repetition of things.

Then after 6, 7, 8 months, it started to drag me downwards, day by day.

While other people still traveling, I stayed at home. For my own protection, also for others. Because I didn’t want to be the person who spreads the virus to others.

I have close family living far away. I never visited them again.

Now with the protection of vaccines, and the rising percentage of people who got multiple vaccinations, I’m feeling much more secure, and confident that we’ve ought to learn to live with this current situation.

Yes, “live with” it.

Life goes on, even with what’s happening out there.

Living should not stop.

The “pause” you hit on your life — if you want to wait the pandemic out hiding behind your walls — doesn’t stop the time. The time of your life.

I’ve waited in 2020. That was the right decision. And I stand by it.

I’ve made the best out of 2021.

Now it’s 2022. I won’t relive 2020.

I will keep protecting myself, my family and others.

I will keep experiencing life.

I will keep exploring the world.

If things don’t go as how you planned, what’s your bottom line for 2022?


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