Losing contact

Are you losing contact with people from your past?

If yes, then, more importantly, does it bother you?

I guess those who don’t have a problem losing contact with friends have the least struggle with who they are and where they are in life. They are doing ok. Or they are not self aware or reflective.

I’m kind of in between —

I’m not active in terms of writing messages. Or keeping in touch in general.

When I’m with a friend, I don’t check my phone or answer calls. I’m with that person 100 percent. But after we say goodbye, it’s hard for me to keep up with replying messages.

I don’t like to feel like my phone dictates my attention. And I don’t feel bad about it.

But it bothers me when I’m looking back, I haven’t talked to some people, who I really cared about in the past, for years.

Because losing contact with those old friends feels like losing touch with the old version of myself.

Oh yes, I’m involuntarily different with the company of every person. I bet you are, too. You just might not have noticed.

Sometimes talking to an old friend of mine feels like being back in the head of the old me again. And that always makes me smile. Like traveling through time. But more exciting, since we are travelling into the mind of ourselves, when we were wittier, funnier, more stupid, more outgoing, more carefree…

And that’s just wonderful. But it wouldn’t happen so naturally if the person, with whom you shared the past, was not there.

You might remember, once upon a time, you were witty, funny, more stupid, more outgoing and more carefree. But you will never simply “remember” how it was being stupid, more outgoing and more carefree.

That being is the version of yourself that you don’t want to forget. That’s who you were, and part of who you are right now.

So, call someone today. Someone from your past that you have lost contact with.

Someone you are thinking while reading these words. Someone with whom you like the version of yourself.

Call. Don’t write. If you can and are willing, meet for a coffee at the park. That’s what I’d do.

I want to know how I get here, so I want to know where I was. And how I was.

(Oh, and you should genuinely care about how they are doing when you call them. Don’t call just to feel good about yourself. That’s not nice.)


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