If you are not your own boss…

Then you should be!

Just kidding.

My question is this: if you are not your own boss, meaning you are working for somebody else,

Why do you work?

What is the reason(s) for you to keep working for this employer?

For the money? Sure. But, is money the only factor here?

I’ve seen people who work for a company because it’s good money. Easy money, really.

Easy but sufficient money. They don’t care about the job itself. They don’t have to put themselves on the hook.

It’s ok. They are not required to put in emotional labor.

But if you are somebody who cannot stop caring what you do, you are in trouble.

You will suffer, as long as you are on the wrong job.

Under the wrong boss.

In the wrong team.

Facing the wrong clients.

In the wrong department/company.

So, why do you work? Why are you still where you are? Where do you want to go?

What do you want to feel when you do what you “have to do” — your work?

I can’t stop caring. That’s my curse and my blessing.

A boss has to show me that she’s worth my work and my caring. Because I carry emotional labor at whatever I do.

I’m not just working for the money. Money is a must for me, like it is for 99% of the people in the job market.

But I work because I want to know that my work means something to some people.

I work because I can help, I can provide, I can serve.

Don’t say “you are such a millennial”. Because this world is already sliding into the hands of the millennials.

Meaning has already become a must. It’s not unnecessary, pretentious or hypercritical.

Searching for meaning shows someone does care.

And for an employer, someone who do the work while caring is the most valuable.

Whatever you are doing, don’t stop caring.

Don’t give up your “why”.


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