The 1st essential to create anything

The creative space.

Since I was a kid, I longed for a room of my own. I needed a space for myself from everybody else. In our apartment, there was a room for me but I didn’t have a room of my own. Everyone could enter without my permission. I had to hide my things in order to have a sense of privacy.

Privacy was hidden things for me. The things I don’t want others to see, or not yet ready for others to see, but have to be hidden.
Privacy was who I was deep down, what I didn’t want to express or share with others, because it’s my own and it’s nobody else’s business.

Privacy was a room of my own. Privacy was the space to create. A safe one.

That’s why I treasure my own space like it is luxury.

It doesn’t even need to be a room. It can be a corner, a quiet one.

Or a desk in a cafe. As soon as I can be alone there with my pen and paper, I’m ready.

What’s your creative space?


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