Persistence, I guess (100th-post streak)

It’s supposed to be the 100th post — every day (almost).

I might want to write about persistence. But what do I get from persistence? 

More subscribers? More eyes? But how do I know if my words are really spreading if there was no comment, but only likes? How do i know they are not just self-promoters, who like my stuff or even follow me just to get me follow them?

I don’t know. I will never know. Even if they tell me I won’t be able to believe it.

So I will just let it be. 

I will take it as a compliment for the words I typed here. And move on to the next words I’m going to type here.

But if you’ve read till here, and you don’t mind letting me know that you did read my words, like, comment, or drop me a line via email, or social media. It will make a world of difference to me.

So… persistence.

Persistence in dropping words, here. Hmm.

I’m writing here, every day, to hear how I really sound like. To explore my voices. To see who I can be.

That’s why I’m being persistent here.

Not for more followers, more likes.

I’m doing this, first and foremost, for myself.

Next, I want to see if anyone would echo to what I’m saying.

Echoing. That’s what I’m waiting here.

I’m writing about so many different topics here. It’s not niched, not targeted, not even in polished words.

I’m already very happy if one or two pieces spoke to you.

Give me a sign. I’d like that.

Here we are. At the 100th post mark.

Only if we create enough bad stuff, can a bit of our good stuff shine through.

Moving on.


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